Pre Ordering FAQ

Wait? What the hell is a pre-order?

Well to put it plain and simple you guys went crazy for the first round and we were so godamn shocked and swamped with emails and requests for more stock that it was literally impossible to keep up or to keep track of everything.

We are just, well ... we is me. Just a regular girl working a regular day job doing regular things - I had a chat to my printer, and decided the best way to go forward would be to run this pre-order.

after this, if the demand is there we are going to look at having something in stock in store ALL THE TIME - maybe add some more designs and add some new products if your really into it.

Ok, so how long will it run for ?

Round Deux (lol) will run

from : 7pm EST AU Friday Evening 8/05/2015 

until : 7pm Sunday evening 10/05/2015

Unless the allocation is exhausted prior. in which case... holy shit.

Is the pre-order capped? like, can I just lay around all weekend and make my order 2 minutes before it closes and still get what I want?

well, no you cant just lay about on the couch all weekend watching Netflix and eating chips, you can but put down the godamn chips and pick up your phone - its that easy.

In order to be fair to everyone - numbers will capped for each colour, this means that we will be able to have them ordered and printed and sent out to everyone as fast as possible.

Each garment is hand printed in a small studio out of Adelaide, and the guys can only work so fast - and we are going to be doing all we can to get your orders filled Fast as F*ck !

So your telling me I've got to pay for it and then wait?! that's horseshit! I want it now!

Yep. Sorry 'bout it.

this means that you may have to wait a little bit longer, but it also means you wont miss out!

cool your jets man!